Outrage culture does not know how comics work…

The outrage culture has no breaks people! So you better get off the bus before it goes right off the side of a cliff and crashes into a ball of fire. So what has gotten the outrage bus picking up speed once again? Well the latest cover of Invincible Iron Man as seen below, it took a whole day before the cover was released and then pulled again on the same day due to the constantly offended taking well offense. The so-called Social Justice Warriors are having their way with Marvel alienating the larger fanbase who Marvel caters to and not the minuscule percentage of people who find this offensive and in most cases do not even support these comics beyond the first issue.


Firstly this is Scott Campell we are talking about clearly the people who supposedly read comic books would know what his art style is like. And here is the catch they don’t because then they would have known what to expect as per example below:

blue_beauties_interiors_by_j_scott_campbell-d2zpd4fJ Scott Campbell is indiscriminate when it comes to his art style. If you follow his work at all which these people do not seem to do, he draws all of his characters the same way regardless of age, race, color, etc.. I was surprised when the initial press release, depicting her in a midriff-baring top was called over-sexualized and sexist. When I see teenagers walking in the streets and shopping malls wearing far less than what Riri Williams is wearing on this cover. The moral outrage police’s only retort in this argument is: “She’s 15”, which still does not address why the cover was pulled in the first place, or how it’s “sexualized”.

riri-williams-campbell-tweet-mockingI was expecting something far worse than a sassy teenage girl posing with the helmet. Are we Amish now? And I will ask once again. How is this offensive? In all the art we have seen of Riri she could be drawn with a skin tight outfit showing every curve, but have her in a cut off shirt and J Scott Campbell crossed the line all of a sudden? People began to attack J. Scott Campbell once the cover art became public, which shows, even more, ignorance from the constantly offended. So listen up and listen up real good. J. Scott Campbell is the penciler on the cover folks, there are two other people involved in creating said over. It takes a total of three people to create comic-book art.

riri-williams-campbell-outrageThe penciler draws the lines, the penciler being J. Scott Campbell. Then an inker finalizes those lines in ink, basically going over the lines J. Scott Campbell drew. And finally, the colorist colors the finished product. Yes, I am aware that most of it is done digitally these days, but in 99% of the cases, it is not the penciler who does it. But then again these people would not know this because they are too busy playing professional victims while being constantly offended to actually take note of the facts. And honestly the outfit seems on par with what girls actually wear these days, and she’s about as developed as many other real 15-year olds. People just seem to be looking for any reason to be outraged about something on the internet.

[Editorial Note:] It is absolutely fucking pathetic that Marvel are capitulating to these whiny Social Justice Warriors. Never give in to these people, they cannot be satisfied or reasoned with in any way shape or form. No matter how much you capitulate, or apologize or censor it will ever be enough for them.

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3 Responses to Outrage culture does not know how comics work…

  1. ‘Social justice Warriors’, huh? What was wrong with just calling them Trolls?

  2. StCyril says:

    I’m torn on this one. Honestly, you can NEVER please the social justice crowd, but my issue is why they even try to in the first place. In my opinion, Marvel has been taking diversity too far.
    Is there a single character out there that they’re not going to take, change the identity, race, etc. of with little to no explanation other than the weak-ass excuse ‘Its an alternate universe, we can do whatever we want.’ That’s just poor storytelling to the point that even Stan Lee criticized Marvel’s direction.
    Yeah… you can do whatever you want?
    So let’s take a look at Reed Richard in Spider Gwen…
    You’re asking us to accept that a different Richards family experienced the ‘prime’ family’s experiences in almost identical means necessary to raise that person to have the same morals and values to make those same decisions and even the same hair color, despite having heritage from a different part of the world, while the ‘prime’ family is either non-existent or relegated to a minor plot point… and somehow the rest of the world and history is still almost exactly the same!?!?
    WOW!!! That is a lot to buy, Marvel… that is a LOT to buy…
    I mean seriously, it got real crazy when one of their writers turned the X-Men into an all-female, girl power squad. So let me get this straight… you took arguably one of the most diverse teams… a team with a decent male/female ratio, which had characters from literally EVERY walk of life… and you made it much less diverse, in the name of diversity?
    I wouldn’t mind so much if they had just done it the right way; Chris Claremont had posed the idea during the Dark Phoenix Saga of slowly retiring older characters in order to bring in new ones. This was why Phoenix died and Cyclops retired and married Madeline Pryor. Sadly they threw that right out the window in the Early 80s. Its too bad too… because it made a lot more sense than trying to retcon how these characters have barely aged in 60 years!
    I’ve stopped collecting Marvel comics, at least the new ones. Spider Gwen is my one exception and even that is becoming intolerable…

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