Well that was quick…

That was pretty fast even for Social Justice Warriors, the press release was not even cold yet and people took to social media to complain about the Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement. Not even a few days after the press release people started complaining about the lack of female representation in a teaser image,that features a silhouette. That is right not even a trailer or any screenshots. Just a single teaser image featuring a couple of unknown people. And of course, the usual suspects are leading the pack like always. The Mary Sue and Jessica Lachenal being one of them. The very same website that urges you to pay for a subscription so they can produce stellar articles like these, basically paying them to write click bait articles.


This website and it’s writers have always been on a moral crusade for equal representation in media and video game which I have no problem with, but what I do take issue with is them always asking for female role models woman and girls can look up to. So what do they want now female outlaws, yup that is right folks they want female outlaws in Red Dead Redemption 2. You would expect me to say, but back in the wild west days, there weren’t that many female outlaws, well there were plenty. Just not the type you would like being role models or someone that you would necessarily look up to. Something The Mary Sue and  Jessica Lachenal seem oblivious to, so let’s look at some of this notorious woman of the west.


Clearly you ladies do not know how bad it was for woman and minorities back in the old wild west. Maybe do some research first before jumping on Twitter?

Belle Starr, notorious bank robber, a horse thief who killed several people during the course of her career before being shot in the back while riding on her horse. Then there is Pearl Hart a stagecoach robber who had an alcohol problem and morphine addiction, who spent her life in and out of jail. And finally, Eleanor Dumont who opened several casinos’s where she also ran a prostitution ring for young girls and woman alike. This is just to mention a few, you can find out more about these women over here. The irony being if Rockstar were to add a female outlaw into the mix the very same people and publications would find these portrayals of woman “problematic. Not to mention the fact the wild west was not known for their feminist ways and treatment of woman…

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  2. vidchord says:

    Funny post….very true. None of those silhouettes look remotely gay or transgender though. Somebody will soon complain about that too.

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