Addressing Casey Neistat’s retarded political video…

Just for the record, I despise politics in general and I could not give a fuck about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, both of them are terrible presidential candidates and I pity the American public who needs to choose between those two. It is basically like choosing if you want to get mauled by either a bear or a wolf, in both cases you are fucked either way. Which brings me to my actual point of celebrities who endorse presidential candidates, and then tell their mindless fanbase who they should vote for. Case in point Casey Neistat, now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with endorsing your presidential candidate of choice. But telling others how to vote based on your popularity and stardom is an extremely dangerous path to walk down.

It was/is arrogant and hypocritical of Casey to state in his video that he does not talk about politics on his Youtube channel, but then in the same breath says if you see others big Youtubers not talking about supporting Trump or Hillary then they are spineless and that they should be called out. Unfortunately, people like Boogie2988 fell for Casey’s bullshit hook line and sinker, no man Boogie I thought you would know better. That said, it is disingenuous to ask his followers to go vote for someone simply because he is a famous Youtuber. This ability by famous people to influence opinion  is not healthy, and it should not have anything to do with something as important as an election.

redstatementsAlso telling his followers to call out other YouTubers that say they don’t want to make videos about the current political climate in the United States is an incitement to harass other YouTubers, which is against Youtube’s terms of service. And this is what scares me the most about this situation, Casey has quite the Youtube following. And the majority aren’t able to think for themselves and will cast their vote based on whatever comes out of his mouth. The idea of forcing people to publically say who they are voting for sets and extremely dangerous precedent.  All Casey did was try and force his opinion on his viewer base and told his followers to go do the same to other Youtube stars, which I find deplorable and disgusting.

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