Apparently Miley Cyrus has a problem with Supergirl

Just when I thought nobody in Hollywood could be any more idiotic than Kanye West and the Kardashians, good old Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus steps up to the plate and hits it right out of the park with one of the most idiotic statements of 2016:

“…there’s a show called ‘Supergirl.’ I think having a show with a gender attached to it is weird. One, it’s a woman on that fucking billboard — it’s not a little girl. Two, what if you’re a little boy who wants to be a girl so bad that this makes you feel bad? I think having a title like ‘Supergirl’ doesn’t give the power that people think it does.”

uk0m0fUAll the pot smoking must have finally caught up with her, pro-tip Miley. Supergirl is a pre-existing character you also get a Superwoman and conversely you get Superboy and Superman. And when these characters started out they were teenagers, not adults hence the show and the comic books end in girl or boy. And there is absolutely nothing un-powering or demeaning when using terms like boys or girls. Luckily the show producers decided to put her right back in her place:

Facepalm-Animated-GIF“It’s based on a pre-existing property that’s called Supergirl, so we never had any intention of calling it something other than that. I think we worked hard, especially in the early part of season 1 to address the discrepancy. We actually had a scene about Kara herself lamenting, ‘Why aren’t I called Superwoman?’ and had Cat with her great rejoinder about how the word ‘girl’ in and of itself is not offensive. We continue to be proud of this show, we continue to be proud of Melissa and the character she represents and the hero that she represents. We stand by the show.” 

Miley honey, don’t you have some inflatable dick you need to go hump or lick while singing your terribly generic music? It is nice that you have an opinion on the subject but next time you might want to consider not sharing that opinion with the rest of the world.

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