Wonder Woman is becoming an official UN ambassador

First off I would like to congratulate the UN for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are more worthless than we ever thought. But having said that a fictional character is about as useful in handling the world’s problems and has as much substance as the celebrities they usually pick. Remember  folks this is the very same global policing agency who had to fire a staff member because he had child pornography on his computer. The very same UN whose people have been sexual abusing at least a dozen children aged from 7 to 16.

fd719896fe2c32d464fce1f0304e5846The very same UN who wanted to ban certain Japanese video games, not to mention giving con artists like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn a platform to spread their lies. But I am glad the UN has taken the time out of their busy schedule helping war-torn countries and the less fortunate, to announce a fictional character as their new ambassador. I am sure the woman and children being raped and killed in war-torn countries will really appreciate this good-natured gesture from the UN. Thank you, UN for demonstrating yet again what a useless organization you really are.

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