Are HD remakes and remastered games worth it?

So regular readers would know I am pretty much  against any type of reboot in movies and TV series, so it would be pretty logical for me to also not support the blatant cash grabs that are remakes and remasters. But then again no one is forcing me to buy these a second time around, but it boils down to supply and demand. If there was no demand for these HD remakes or remastered, companies like Microsoft and Sony would not be bringing them out in the first place. These companies aren’t non-profit companies after-all. As a gamer, I am personally very torn on this issue and have jumped the fence multiple times when being for or against  it. But there is a few exception to the rule, take The Last Of Us for instance.

muh-hdI missed the game on the Playstation 3 because I owned a Xbox 360 at the time, so when I purchased my Playstation 4 it was the first game I purchased. The same thing applies to the 4.3 million people who never owned a Playstation 3 but owns a Playstation 4, and never had a chance to play critically acclaimed games like  The Last Of Us or Beyond: Two Souls and other Playstation exclusives.  Taking something from several years ago or from a previous generation and adding all the DLC and remastering it in HD I have no issue with. But what I do fear for the industry is when it starts to resemble the movie industry in their re-making of games that aren’t very old and don’t need to be redone or remade because they are still fairly new. Take the Batman HD remake for example.

uncharted-muhI can simply see no reason for such a HD remake the game is barely 6 years old as it is. It is now becoming more and more commonplace for games that barely reach the 5-year-old mark to receive remakes. Those are shameless and blatant cash grabs in my opinion. But having said that, recently I took the dive into the remaster/remake pool and bought both Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection (Which I never played before) and Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection. Both of these games are insane value for money due to them containing every single piece of DLC and expansions released for the game on top of it being an HD remake. So it would make sense releasing something like that for the gaming public to enjoy because it ends up being a complete package and not just another HD remake.

[Editorial Note:] If you will excuse me now, I am on my way to go and ride my meat bicycle in Borderlands 2.

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3 Responses to Are HD remakes and remastered games worth it?

  1. p2d2 says:

    For those that never got into them, they’re fantastic. Otherwise they’re not worth your time, save some rare exceptions.

  2. vidchord says:

    i like remakes for older games, so younger generations can get a chance to play them or people who have missed them the first time around. In that respect it is alright. But HD remakes of games from last gen that already were HD make no sense whatsoever. Some of the first PS4 games were last of us and gta5 remakes/remasters or what have you, and they were barely a year old at that point. That stuff is ridiculous. As you mentioned, packs including all games and dlc of a series is the best route. The consumer doesn’t feel like they are being ripped off and players can get a solid experience of games they missed.
    Games like the Metal Gear Solid collection, megaman anniversary collection, megaman x collection, super mario all-stars for wii, zelda collection for gcn etc. are all great examples of bundling games over decades that most people nowadays missed, for an affordable price that is packed with content.
    More modern packs like the ones you mentioned are great too for getting people into the series. The low price and large content make it an easy choice for consumers to try something out that they may have been apprehensive about at first.

  3. Cirsova says:

    HD remakes of games that were on an HD system to begin with is a huge pet peeve of mine and one of the big reasons why I’m not in the current console gen. On the other hand, if they’re being released as collections, I guess that’s not a bad thing for people checking them out for the first time.

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