Nerdbastards do not understand how conventions work

Apparently, Khalil Johnson a writer over at Nerdbastards does not know or understand how Pop Culture Stars make money never-mind how conventions work. They seem to be under the grand assumption that these movie stars and television celebrities sit back and do nothing while shooting the latest episode of a TV series or movie. Not that they have a hectic shooting schedule, media interviews and then attend fan conventions while traveling thousands of miles to attend. Apparently, the writer takes issue with the fact that these actors can earn up to six figures by just simply signing autographs. And their number one reasoning for taking issue with this? They already are making tons of money doing “nothing” so why should they be allowed to make money attending conventions?

tomhiddlestonFirstly what the writer of this article does not seem to grasp is that these actors take time off from their hectic shooting schedules to attend these, where they could have easily used that time to spend with their families. Want to see how busy these actors are? Just take a look at Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page, so I ask you Khalil why should these actors be doing it for free when it is their free time they are using to meet with fans. Secondly what if any is it your business what these people make? There is a reason why these people are high paid actors because they can act and entertain us, and should be paid accordingly. Neither you or I for that matter can act ourselves out of a brown paper bag, I guess that is why we are just normal hard-working plebs like the rest of the world.

25-photos-of-celebrities-nerding-out-at-comic-conAnd last but not least, yes some of the merchandise and signatures are expensive but if there was no market or demand then people would not stand hours in line for these people’s signatures. Supply and demand. This is the cost of having an interest in popular nerd culture. And no one is holding a gun to your head when buying these things, and I would rather pay money that guarantees me meeting my favorite celebrity and getting a signature. Not to mention all this pays for these conventions, and honestly, would you attend a convention if there were no famous celebrities? Or would you rather go back to the old days of long boxes and artist alleys, with almost zero chance of meeting your geek idols? I think not…

[Editorial Note:] Also I am not the one to talk about grammar and spell checking but seriously Khalil Johnson you need to have that shit checked out before posting it…

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