Heavy Metal to become socially acceptable metal?

Seems the Social Justice Warrior disease is everywhere these days, Comics, TV, Movies and Video Games and now surprisingly enough their infection has spread into Heavy Metal of all things. Anyone who has attended a metal concert and the inevitable mosh pits that go along with it are by their nature a dangerous place. And in most cases, these dangers aren’t intentional or premeditated and applies to everyone your skin color or sexual orientation does not magically exempt you from having a bad experience at a concert. And on a whole moshing crowds are supportive and caring towards their fellow moshers. In my experience attending these concerts, if someone falls there is always helping hands, there is only a small minority of people who decide to take advantage of the situation.

cqix3ogwyaa9wxzThis has happened to me in the past but it has never stopped me from attending these shows. And judging from the experience I have had myself and my friends both male and female. There is a real camaraderie amongst metal heads, so the actions of a single individual should not tarnish the entire genre. And those female metalheads I know are pretty much considered as equal to their male counterparts. Now don’t get me wrong sexism, racism and homophobia happen’s at these type of shows, and there is no justification for that. But having said that it is no more prevalent than in any other musical genre. I hate discrimination just like pretty much every decent human being , but I take issue with the Social Justice Warrior lynch mob who don’t care about the real issue at hand and want to only further insert their political agendas into everything.

0exohdnThese people relish the ability to tear other people down and promote their own wonderful stunted view of the world. And like any issue, these Social Justice Warriors get involved in it quickly became obscured by a massive wave of judgment, while a bunch of  self-absorbed idiots clamoring to showcase the bad in something. While ignoring the good. They have no intention to start a dialogue, neither do they plan on finding a solution and addressing the issues at hand. As we have seen in other entertainment forms being infected with their vitriol. These people do not want to take the time to understand a particular hobby or culture, they would rather paint everyone with the same brush because it is easier to justify their actions that way.

If you enter a discussion or a hobby and tell people that their form of expression in said hobby is wrong and need to conform to their own then you are most definitely not welcome in my hobby or movement. And honestly being a metalhead for most of my adult life I can safely say that it is one of the most accepting subcultures out there. But then again when last did I attend a metal concert only to sit down and ponder social and political issues that is confronting society today? Oh right never. But they nothing screams tolerance and acceptance like oppressing those who don’t have the same opinion as you have. Heavy Metal and it’s subgenres have been around for years and will continue to flourish and this won’t be the first or last time it will be under attack.

[Editorial Note:] The retardation in question.

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