The MacGyver reboot looks utterly retarded…

So a short clip of the new MacGyver show has leaked onto the internet, and for those who regularly read this blog, you would know how I feel about the show and reboots of old TV shows and franchises. The amount of stupid contained in this single video clip is mind numbing, look I understand the original MacGyver was pretty campy and cheesy but this borders on levels of stupidity I have never seen in any TV show. Even more so since I have worked in the Information Technology Industry all my life, so I have a better grasp on how computers and hacking works than your average person. And whoever wrote this needs to be taken out back and shot. Here is what happens in the short clip, if CBS decides to take it down for some reason:

In the short clip, a scientist is explaining what he needs to do to “hack” the computer he is busy with. A girl with an orange prison jumpsuit walks up to the computer and starts smashing it with a hammer till she pulls out the computers hard drive. While she holds up the hard drive she proclaims: “Why interrogate a convict when you can just look inside her brain? We’ll scan the data as ‘read only’ and then search the disc image to extract the key.” The scientist looks at her in shock and awe and says: “Bypassing all the logic bombs…” To which the girl in the orange jumpsuit replies: “I thought this was going to be hard?” All while MacGyver stands there like a complete tool smirking like and idiot.

731e60edfa4cc641767684b08cfa7087c6c8eb5458bebc2913fc097aedf0c59dWhat the actual fuck did I just watch? Really CBS, just when you think Hollywood has actually started to represent things like hacking and Information Technology in a more serious light, you go and do something like this. It is even worse than some episodes of CSI: Cyber and that us saying a fucken lot. I think CBS needs to go visit USA Today and ask the creators behind Mr. Robot for some advice and a few tips. The scene needed way more accurate exposition from all the actors and tension building with some music to match. And most definitely they are going to need a new writer, but honestly, I don’t see this show surviving beyond its first season with this kind of writing and acting…

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