No Man’s Sky investigated by Advertising Standards Authority

Well, that did not take very long, I actually expected it to happen sooner than later. The game has been out for what 2 months already? Seems that the Britsh Advertising Standards Authority has taken issue with the pre-release lies that Hello Games and Sean Murray spread before the games release. I really hope this sets a precedent for all developers and publishers and takes them to task for propagating and spreading lies about their product. How many times have we seen this happen before? Being shown a video game at shows like E3, and then when the final product get’s released it is nothing like what we have been told and shown.

imageAnd while the shit storm rages on we still haven’t had a single word from Sean Murray or Hello Games. The absolute deafening silence from them is not doing them any favours at all, meanwhile, the No Man’s Sky fanboys are blindly defending them by saying things like:  “But they’re a small team!”  like that alone would absolve them from any wrong doing. Which I call bullshit on, they knew exactly what they were doing when they granted interviews and lied straight to our faces about the game. There is simply now excuse or justification for doing that, and I really hope this goes to court as it might stop other developers and publishers from pulling the same shit on us.

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