Death Stranding and the Cult of Kojima

How did Death Stranding become so hype? We have not seen actual in-game gameplay or footage, the single extremely vague trailer was not even using the video game engine they will be using. Because he did not even announce what graphics engine he plans on using in Death Stranding till only recently. Yet the hype for this game has gone through the stratosphere. Haven’t we learned anything from No Man’s Sky? Are we going to keep running into the same wall over and over again? What do we know about the game so far? Absolutely nothing other than what Kojima is promising us, so basically people are getting hyped on promises and nothing actually concrete yet. And does that not sound extremely familiar to you guys?

130So when Kojima makes all these promises on what the game is going to before he has even started working on the game, and he eventually forgets all these promises were will that leave us? No Man’s Sky 2.0? And this time, there will be no Konami to place the blame on when the project does not go the way he intended it to go. And I will be honest while I think Konami were in the wrong when they fired him and everything that transpired after the fact. But I think there was far more going on behind the scenes than we were aware of. Especially when you consider that a breakup/fight is never just a one-sided affair, like it was being portrayed in the media. But that is beside the point, which brings me to the following statement which will most likely bring me plenty of hate.

Kojima to me has turned into another Cliffy B, Peter Molyneux or Chris Roberts. And that the pinnacle of his work was Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 and Snake eater, and all his work after that was a jumbled mess of plot holes that not even nanobots could not fill up. And before I get assaulted for my opinion I have played every single game in the franchise with the exception of number four and Acid on the PSP. And my reasoning behind it is I think he just went with the “I am odd” idea and injected that into his stories and ran with it. And this made every game in the franchise even more outlandish than the last, and we ended up with him writing himself into many corners during the last few games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

551Adding unnecessary and lengthy plot twists in every installment of your game to dodge the plot holes you created breaks the immersion for me as a player. And any emotional investment I might have had with the games characters and story go straight out the window. And here is the thing, if it was any other game developer gamers would have called him out and hang him out to dry. But this is not the case with the Cult of Kojima, who seem to be salivating at this idea he is selling us, and let’s be honest with ourselves here. What he is trying to sell to us is an idea, not even a demo of a game or anything tangible other than a trailer that even by itself did not come outright with a coherent story or plot.

[Editorial Note:] Kojima has a long history of projects that go wildly over budgets that aren’t always justified by the sales numbers that his creations bring in. Death Stranding is going to reveal how much of the shit storms surrounding his past projects especial Metal Gear Solid 5 was tied to Konami’s influence. And how much of it was Kojima and his ego.

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  1. p2d2 says:

    I’m still aprehensive of Death Stranding, we don’t have much to go on right now. However, I have faith he’ll create something more substantial than MGS. It seems he’s sharing a vision with Reedus, Del Toro and his studio; which makes me feel the will good. Not Last of Us good, but at maybe something many of us can enjoy. He’s totally capable of failure like anybody else, though.
    Also, the 4th one does tie up many of the plot holes. The overwhelming focus nanos, does add more questions, but once it’s over I stopped caring about the questions and enjoyed the game for what it was. So, it may not be a waste of your time to finish it.

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