No Man’s Sky: One man’s lies

We as gamer’s have a really bad habit of letting the hype train take over when it comes to video game releases. It is forgivable sometimes especially considering how passionate we are about our hobby, but we really need to start being more careful about the products we support and buy. We pre-order video games we know virtually nothing about and then get pissed off at the developers for not giving us what we wanted. And we definitely should not pre-order video games from developers who are being purposely vague about their games. And with this entire No Man’s Sky debacle we share equal blame with the developers, how many times are we going to be lied to and mislead until that light bulb over our head goes off. No Man’s Sky launch is so much like the Destiny launch debacle it is not even funny. What we have here is a classic case of bait and switch by Hello Games.

maxresdefaultThey marketed the game as one thing and it turned out to be something completely different when it got released. I think those people who bought the game and are pissed have a legitimate reason to be upset and I think people who are downplaying it enable companies like Hello Games to do it again in the future and get away with it. Gamer’s spent their hard earned money on what basically was lie and the only recourse they have as consumers is outrage. So calling people who have valid complaints out as being whiny self-entitled gamer’s need to understand the other side of the argument. When you literally promise a whole bunch of features and then don’t deliver on that promise without explaining why those features are now missing makes you a disingenuous lair. I like to compare video games with a hamburger at my local fast food joint.

I don’t expect my hamburger to look exactly like the one pictured on the menu, but dammit if it says “comes with two slices of cheese” there better be two slices of cheese on the damn thing! And if harshly criticizing and calling out a company for their obvious lies makes me a whiny self-entitled gamer then I don’t know what to say. There are so many different interviews and articles that have him saying and implying that the game will have certain features, that now are mysteriously missing from the released game. Hello Games completely failed to communicate these things, how many gamer’s would have cancelled their pre-orders if they knew these features being advertised would go missing during the games final release. I think they would have lost a pretty significant chunk of their pre-orders if it came to light earlier during the games development.

maxresdefaultSean Murray and Hello Games intentionally let the hype train run out of control and fed into this by lying about what No Man’s Sky could actually deliver. And we are partly to blame for this because we let that hype train run right off the tracks with this game. And the people defending Hello Games and Sean Murray can’t seem to accept these facts. They have basically bought something that isn’t what they were told it was going to be and they somehow rationalize it to themselves because they don’t want to admit they have been deceived and were, for want of a better term, idiots to believe heavily curated promotional material they got to see being published in the media. All Sean Murray needed to do was to set the record straight when he was giving interviews prior to No Man’s Sky launch. But instead he just smiled like a used car salesman and tried to make a quick buck.

[Editorial Note:] No I haven’t bought or played the game as I don’t support these kind of business practices. And honestly the first time this was announced I saw this coming from a mile away, so I was extremely lucky to have dodged this bullet…

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5 Responses to No Man’s Sky: One man’s lies

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  5. vidchord says:

    I was baffled by how much hype this game got. What was shown looked very mediocre and boring, so I never really followed the game too much, knowing full well it wasn’t going to come close to what people were expecting.
    I agree with you, when will people learn to stop hyping things up? It seems nowadays all a developer has to do is say, “This game is going to be really good!” and everyone in the world will immediately believe it and take it and exaggerate on it as the hype is spread so that expectations for the game are so high, it is impossible for it to live up to the hype. I feel gamers are to blame more than developers for disappointing games, because we have such terrible mind sets for what we think a game should be, that we fail to see what the game actually is and enjoy it for what it is.

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