The Culture War & Video Games

Of all of my gaming friends, I really cannot think of a single so-called misogynistic woman hating “dudebro” in the bunch. In fact, my gaming friends are the most diverse bunch of people in any of my social circles. And trying to label people who like video games is like trying to label people who like movies, cars or books. It is just way too diverse to paint gamer’s with a broad brush or demonize them as some “exclusive” club of bullies. The way the media has been portraying gamer’s, it can be really easy for a person on the outside looking in to assume that gamers are all neck-beards living in their parent’s basement. But that is so far from the truth it is not even funny, gamer’s know this because if they take a look at who they game with on a regular basis it is one of the most diverse bunch of people you can find in any hobby.

Gaming-Culture-japan-street-culture-31265377-1920-1200I am friends with gamer’s who suffers from various types of disabilities, I am friends with gamer’s who suffer from life threatening illnesses, I am friends with gamer’s who by simply playing video games with sexual or explicit content could get them killed due to their countries religious rules and believes. Video games mean different things to different people, yet it is able bring people from across the globe together into one community. It is how they find escapism from the harsh realities that life throws at them. That’s why I get pissed off when gamer’s like myself are called out by the media and people pushing a certain agenda as being “misogynerds” or“gamebros”. They are targeting people with problems of their own , and painting everyone with the same brush.

Video games has become the most accessible form of entertainment and social interaction for most people out there. And that accessibility is what makes gamer’s one of the most diverse hobbies out there. If you are disadvantaged, disabled, unemployed or going through a rough patch video games are there for you. It is a lot harder to write off gamer’s and people who play games as just a “hate group” when you actually see people of different racial backgrounds and up-bringing’s be part of the gaming community. Video games are supposed to be fun. Yes, they can reflect our everyday reality, but they also provide escape from it. People like Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh and the click baiting gaming press, have been fanning the “culture war” flames in the industry for far too long.

major-players-in-the-video-game-industry-are-telling-gamergate-supporters-to-cut-it-out (1)You can’t talk about the “diversity crisis” in gaming without debating the merits and validity of these claims. And unfortunately, debate is not something these social justice warriors want to have. If you engage with these people on their own terms you are going to have a miserable experience where you will be called out tarred and feathered and you will likely end up being blocked by these people when the discussion does not go the way they wanted it to go. This culture war on video games and gamer’s as a whole is clearly an artificial one. It was created, and is perpetuated by those with something to gain at the expense of gamer’s and the video game industry. This culture war in gaming and the industry is an absolute playground for sensationalists.

This type of sensationalism forgoes people having actual knowledge of gaming and the industry to create content, and instead relies on forming the loudest, most headline grabbing opinion possible. And you have to look no further than the gaming media and press, which now constantly bombards us with news of impending doom in the games industry and community unless action is taken. Controversy drives traffic, irrespective of subject or hobby. This holds true everywhere unfortunately. Honestly, look at what is being done to this industry and community in the name of “progress”. If these truly loved gaming as they claimed they do then they would be able to put the politics aside and share in the passion of others without bringing them down or resorting to painting everyone with the same brush.

tumblr_nbllwpqfzm1qgik10o1_1280These accusations of sexism, racism, bigotry, and homophobia within our hobby only helps these untalented hack writers and self-proclaimed moral police justify their own existence. This alone can cause lasting damage to an industry and a medium simply to gain a few political brownie points. If you are willing to sacrifice an entire audiences in order to make gaming better fit your political viewpoint, then you don’t have the right to call yourself a gamer or video game journalist. And you most certainly do not belong the same group of people who hold a real affection for the industry and the medium. The concept of being called a gamer is something that is impervious to your shitty cultural attacks, no matter how hard they might try. You cannot shame people out of loving video games or being gamer’s.

Sure gaming has had growing pains, and it has problems but what hobby doesn’t? But when everything is said and done overall it is a community and a medium capable of a staggering amount good, which far outweighs the negative aspects.  This is our hobby and our passion, and we can enjoy it as we like without any feelings of guilt. I have heard so many times that “these are discussions we need to be having” but anything outside of these peoples narrow safe space is “problematic” or “bigoted.” You don’t need to take the abuse from these people. And you really don’t have to listen to it. By simply buying and enjoying the games you love on your terms, you are making these cultural critics, censors and social justice warriors of the internet scream in failure.655251[Editorial Note 1:] People don’t buy video games because it makes them feel miserable, they buy video games that will provide them with entertainment and escapism. As cheesy as it may sound I will always be here for the games and the industry. And I am assuming that you are here reading this, that it means you are also here for the very same reasons. If not then you are in the wrong industry and hobby, so go peddle your bullshit elsewhere…

[Editorial Note: 2] It has been bought my attention that my article is extremely similar to this article that can be found here. I archived my original article here before I edited it, so you can view the similarities between the two. And to keep things transparent and above board.

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3 Responses to The Culture War & Video Games

  1. As another writer for Super Nerd Land i can’t see any paragraphs or sentences that could be said to be straight “plagiarism”

    Yes it does follow similar themes and explore similar trains of thought but these are issues a LOT of gamers talk about and feel passionate about. I’ve written articles that fit similar beats to this too; its a common theme. In fact I would say this resembles my style of writing more than the author of the other piece we re-hosted.

    We’ve yet to hear from the actual author (he’s taking a break from internet bullshit it seems) but in my opinion this is a good piece that does not plagiarise anything.

  2. Josh Bray says:

    Hey! EiC over at SuperNerdLand over here. Great piece (not just because we happen to agree with you hah!). I just wanted to pop in and say it really doesn’t look like you plagiarized anything, in case that was what people were suggesting. We have like… 3 articles that kind of take this view in some way or another. I just think a lot of people are coming to the same conclusions and are not being shamed out of expressing it. Cheers on the great article!

    • larch says:

      Thank’s for the reply Josh I just wanted to make sure as an amateur writer I take accusations of plagiarism extremely seriously. Glad to have gotten your input on my articles. On a side note I really enjoy your website and it’s articles really enjoyable and entertaining. It is refreshing to see a website not afraid with dealing on the social issues gaming faces today.

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