Goodbye, Gawker we won’t miss you at all

For those who never read the news or has been hiding under a rock the past year or so, Gawker the trash can gossip blog has been bought by Univision, and will shut down operations next week.  The only disappointing thing about the entire Gawker lawsuit is the fact that it took a billionaire like Peter Theil to fund the case in order for Hulk Hogan to get justice and for Gawker to be made accountable for their unethical reporting habits. Of course the social justice warrior journalists are falling over themselves to describe this as a great injustice and a suppression of freedom of speech. Ironically enough they are just showing what kind of journalism they support. The problem with these people are, is that they aren’t even consistent in their free speech support, nor their respect for other people’s privacy. They will simply use the freedom of speech excuse to support their particular political agenda at the time.


Jason Schreier I heard denial is a river in Egypt.

I don’t see these freedom of speech advocates fighting for freedom of speech when Gawker outed Peter Theil as being gay, sent a Twitter mob after Justine Sacco. And when Gawker refused to take down a possible rape video and mocked the woman who pleaded with them to take it down. And when they outed a married Condé Nast for no other reason than they could do it. Not to mention they spent a lot f time trying to smear James Franco with the dubious title “gay rapist“. And let us not talk about one of Gawkers editors Sam Biddle advocating for the return of bullying nerds on the internet. So my question is to all those people crying about the demise of Gawker. Where were you when you were advocating free speech when all this was happening? Oh right, it is a nice excuse to pick and choose when something is freedom of speech or not to make yourself feel better about working for a morally bankrupt media company.

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