Think twice about “honest” critics

aAPGEWZ_700bThis is a great example of critics and viewers finally becoming completely out of touch with each other. When long time fans and fanboys like myself complain about things like in the above image, we are brushed aside as conspiracy theorists, haters and misogynists. But when normal movie going fans complain, the media and reviewers cannot come up with anything to instantly dismiss their criticism of. More and more overtly these people are trying to control what movies succeed and fail to push their agendas, hopefully Suicide Squad is finally waking people up to the fact this is happening on a regular basis.

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  1. larch says:

    And Captain America: Winter Solder and Civil War was not a gaint hot mess? Not to mention Spider-Man and X-Men who has more role changes than a politcal line-up before election day. The fact of the matter is there is a clear devide between what critics and what fans think of DC movies. And the fact that a different yard stick is used to judge Marvel and DC movies is pretty clear. Not to mention people bitching and moaning that DC movies need to be more like Marvel, which defies the point entirely.

    • swanpride says:

      Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a tightly structured movie and, imho opinion, the best comic book movie ever made (yes, better than The Dark Knight). Civil war is a little bit less tightly structured, but gets brownie points for a truly brave and above all unexpected story, which is brave enough to not end a movie with the city destroying fight against the monster villain. If you want to talk about mess and underwritten movies in the MCU, you should go for Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark world, which are both the most problematic movies in the MCU in this regard (though with every DCEU outing I appreciate Iron Man 2 a little bit more. I am starting to feel that I was too hard on Marvel in the past).

      You are also not at the right place with me by bringing up Spider-man and X-men, because I am in the camp of “I am still waiting for a good outing in either franchise”. Those movies were lucky enough to be released when the audience still thought that a Comic book movie couldn’t be more than a dumb Comic book blockbuster, and they had also the advantage of being part of the early entries in the genre….let’s be honest here, everything looks gold beside Batman and Robin and Howard the Duck. I don’t think that Burton’s Batman would be as beloved when it were released nowadays either, nor do I think that the original Superman would be considered such a classic if not for the virtue of being the first one on stage.

      There really isn’t much of a divide, there are only a lot of DC fans pushing up the rating because they want DC to succeed. It is as simple as that. If you actually listen to reviews on the net and read articles, you will soon discover that only the really hardcore fans like the movie…just enough to give it a decent rating.

  2. swanpride says:

    The real question is here why so many fans are so desperate to see the DCEU succeed that they jump on the throat of critics before they have even seen the movie in question themselves and pushing the ratings high by dishing out full points even if they admit themselves in their review that the movie in question has a number of flaws in a desperate attempt to negate the ratings of the fans who dare to agree with the critics.

    See, if the WoM were good, it wouldn’t matter what the critics say, people would go anyway. But the box office of those movies show that only the ones who buy into the hype with no second thought ensure that they stay somewhat profitable.

  3. xmenxpert says:

    Movie critics aren’t trying to “control” what movies people see. When it comes to big-budget movies, I’m pretty sure most critics know that people only care about their opinions so they can feel either validation or indignation. The “I was right!” feeling or the “This person is stupid!” feeling. (Critics do try to get people to see under-advertised movies that are high-quality, but that’s a different thing.)

    There’s no conspiracy in regards to critics giving DC movies bad reviews. Disney isn’t buying critics off. There’s a lot of reasons why critics give DC movies poor reviews, but what it largely comes down to is the movies not being particularly well-constructed. I’ve seen people who love these movies describe them as messes. It’s the same reason Transformers movies get critically panned while making tons of money. Marvel just makes better movies, though whether they’re more enjoyable is up to each individual viewer.

    As far as accusations of misogyny go, that comes down to specific complaints and how they’re phrased.

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