Patrick Klepek jumping the sinking ship

I can’t believe somebody so blatantly intellectually dishonest can still find work in a industry that no longer is valid to most gamer’s like myself. As far as journalistic ethics go, Klepek is just as morally dishonest and corrupt as the rest of the folks over at Kotaku. If you can lie and slander to the demographic you are supposedly catering to just to advance your career and get a few extra clicks for your publication, then  you are human garbage. Journalists check their shit before they hit send, that’s supposed to be on of the most important aspects of being a journalists. But not over at Kotaku apparently.

Co4pya-W8AEffWJHe himself was responsible for creating a lot of false narratives and mislabeling of information, which led to a lot of negative feelings being dumped onto the gaming industry. Adding even more fuel to the already burning fire. Not to mention gamer’s who dared speak out against their cronyism and nepotism, were also regularly target by him and Kotaku. The worst part is that he has a degree in Journalism, from the University of Illinois, so he should know better. Apparently he’s going to work for Vice Gaming, adios Patrick! Good luck with your next venture into nepotism, you wont be missed.

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