Taking movie reviews with a pinch of salt

I think the image below perfectly sums up how I feel about review websites and aggregate websites like Rotten Tamato and Metacritic. I have lost count of how many films I have seen this year alone that critics said were bad and I have really enjoyed. By the same token, I have seen many films that critics praised and ended up being nothing more than a sugar coated turd.

aopMGmX_700bI have learned not to trust movie critics, and instead to see what the viewing public says. If movie critics were trustworthy, then the reboot of Ghostbusters was actually a very funny film with “stunning” visual effects and not the lukewarm bag of unfunny Scooby Doo garbage we ended up getting. Movie critics? This is a prime example of what happens when people start treating their entertainment as politics and pushing agenda’s.

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  1. Prime Six says:

    I like Ayer’s Sabotage and apparently nobody else does! ofc imma watch SSquad

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