Social Justice Warriors protest overweight character in ‘Moana’

moana1You can never keep Social Justice Warriors happy, and I have been saying this for years. Whatever you concede, even if it is exactly what they asked for, it will never be enough for them. They constantly call for “strong” ethnic role models in Disney movies. Disney takes them at their word and creates said strong ethnic role model. In response, said idiot activists complain because Maui isn’t being depicted as being a body-builder type. This is the kind of movie Social Justice Warriors should enjoy for its cultural accuracy to a people that are not nearly represented enough in mainstream media like movies. Have these constantly offended people ever actually seen Polynesian people?


Oh, for crying out loud. Seriously?

They are pretty world renowned for being big, height and weight wise. Look up Maui in Polynesian mythology and you will see that he is considered a chieftain. For them, as in other cultures, the chieftain was among the biggest and strongest within the group as well as being their strongest warrior. Sorry it is not the stereotypical Dwayne Johnson or Jason Momoa. Not all Polynesian can be that perfectly chiselled it would be intellectually dishonest to even think that this is the case. But having said that, there is a certain amount of irony here. Barbie dolls and Victoria’s Secret models are under fire for being too thin to represent the typical woman’s body and now Disney’s latest animation is under fire for being too fat. Same old, same old in Social Justice la la land…

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