Civil War II highlights what is wrong with Marvel

At this point, and having been reading comics and, well, stuff, for over 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that if you have to kill a character purely to create drama, you suck at writing simple as that. This is especially true of the kill a loved one trope, which instantly marks you as mostly talent-less writer to me. Marvel has no organic story writing left. It’s all forced marketing and exploitative political correctness and shock value. I am so tired of writers like Nick Spencer’s ham-fisted political hack writing. If there’s one thing that’s driving me away from Marvel at the moment.

oudgqpz06r7yn4jwuylbIs these artificially created drama’s. Say what you will about the first Civil War series, but at least it gave the heroes a reason why they would be split into two camps. In Civil War II, three heroes have died already, and none of them have given anyone a sufficient excuse to turn against each other. Yet the writer still ham-fistedly tries to show how this issue is splitting the superhero community down the middle and it just comes off as forced and contrive.  They already changed the entire Marvel Universe with Secret Wars, and then immediately followed it up with another “everything has changed” event.

okjxzwg1xe7l5l7lulp7Consequently, nobody can invest, because Marvel just turns everything on its head again in a few months’ time so they can just sell a few extra comics. Marvel is going too far with their character replacement. New Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Wolverine. They are dumping classics to get new readers but are alienating fans more than anything. Remember the days when comics ran past 12 issues without going back to number ones? Or when reboots didn’t happen every six months and characters didn’t die and come back over and over again. Good times…

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