Wonder Women trailer: No misogynists disliking the video

You might ask what is the message I am trying to convey with this post? It is rather simple: Craft a really good movie, make a trailer that is put together really well, that showcases your work effectively and that really sells the highlights. Give it some variety and mix up the drama and actions scenes, and people will love you for it. Wonder Woman actually took some creative risks, and it seems to have people with actual talent both in front of the camera and behind it. Amazing what happens when people think your movie actually does things right and is the result of a lot of hard work, isn’t it?

Wonder Woman

Was there a better time to prove how full of shit all the social justice warriors and feminists are then to release this trailer for Wonder Woman so close to Ghostbusters controversy. I wonder will they be silent, on how people do not dislike a trailer for a movie that does not look a like a cheap gender swapping gimmick that was created with a political agenda in mind and a lazy corporate cash grab by Sony Pictures. Although, they and the media will surely find a way to spin a story in such a manner to make themselves look good and create that infamous narrative, like they always do.

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5 Responses to Wonder Women trailer: No misogynists disliking the video

  1. Man, as a Black man married to a total Black woman, Gal Godot is still a knockout!!!

  2. Tyler Moore says:

    They will probably try to create a problem.

  3. Georgios Bosch says:

    Well, technically it’s a lazy corporate cash grab too, which just goes to show how deeply you have to fuck up to get a dislike bar as large as ghostbusts.

  4. Neroke says:

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