And I won’t be watching: Say “No” to the Ghostbusters reboot

As a fan I get why the Ghostbusters movie is so important to people like myself. Women haven’t had a ton of creative control in Hollywood, and they want this to work so that they get more opportunities to do so, I really do get that. But this movie took something from my childhood and made it clear that I was no longer invited or welcome to the party. Instead of being inclusive and making it clear to fans of the original franchise, it went out of its way to exclude men for the sake of “Girl Power.”

Ghostbusters-Kate-McKinnon-Melissa-McCarthy-Kristen-Wiig-Leslie-JonesIt did not create new property to convince people that women can lead a blockbuster franchise. But it did do was take one from men, used it to make fun of them, and then told them that if they did not like that they are losers, virgins, bigots and misogynists. And that does not sit right with me, and after half a dozen posts on the subject to expand on why I dislike the new Ghostbusters movie, and why I wont give it my money or support it. And I also wrote this to break the narrative that the people who dislike this movie have other motives beyond being fans.

  • Fan’s did like myself not ask for a Ghostbusters movie and we certainly didn’t want a reboot….but we got both in one go. No Ghostbusters movie would have been better than the mediocre one we got. This is just another soulless and lazy cash-grab remake by Hollywood and Sony which I refuse to support. I am honestly sick of these remakes and I refused to watch them. I did the same for Terminator, RoboCop, Conan, The Thing, Red Dawn, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Total Recall, Amazing Spider-Man just to mention a few on the same principle.
  • The antagonism and insults that were thrown at the fan-base was disgusting and unfair. Legitimate criticisms have been swept aside and ignored, in favor of calling people who have valid criticism regarding your movie sexist, misogynistic 40 year old basement dwellers who still lives with their parent’s. This antagonism has been going on since the very first trailer was released for the new movie. Not to mention Sony’s interactions with the franchise fans, and it’s been really disappointing to see how Sony, Paul Feig and the movie cast are alienating the very fans who have so many fond memories of said franchise.


  • The media’s treatment of Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe. His name and his channel have been dragged through the mud for simply speaking out and saying, “I don’t think this movie will be good for [these reasons], and so I’m not going to watch it.” His comments and opinions were level headed and well thought out, and not sexist or misogynistic.
  • A disregard of the original films mythology and canon by Sony and the director Paul Feig, and their refusal to do a sequel based off the first two movies instead of a reboot. It feels really insulting to me as a fan to throw away the canon established by one of my all time favorite franchises.
  • The treatment both Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray received at the hands of Sony. I have a great deal of respect for the Ivan as a director and Bill Murray as an actor. And it is clear from the Sony e-mail leaks that they weren’t treated with the respect they deserve. And that they were basically bullied into this remake/reboot with threats of litigation, which to me highlights the thug mentality Sony has put on display for everyone to see.


  • I dislike Feig’s comedy style. I think his brand of comedy is completely the opposite of the comedy of the original movie and the movie would probably have been better served by someone else directing it. Not to mention I don’t find any of his previous movies funny or entertaining as the cater the lowest common denominator with his dick jokes. Gone are the witty dialogue, the subtle characterization, the sense of impending doom, and the smart plot.
  • I’m sorry, but Melissa McCarthy is not funny. Anyone who had the unfortunate experience of watching “Tammy” can attest to that. Kristen Wiig is funny, but here it seems like she’s given nothing to do in the movie.  McKinnon is actually pretty funny and talented, though not quite as good as Wigg, but just like Wigg it looks like they gave her nothing to do in the movie. And Jones is…well, she’s like you see in the trailer, pretty much, a loud stereotypical black woman.
  • The pushing of a “message” in the Ghostbusters movie, first and foremost rather than aiming for a good narrative and story. It was clear from the outset that  Paul Feig was more interested in creating a “girl power” movie than creating a movie that stayed true to the original. There was no hidden messages or agenda’s in the original, so why should there be one in the remake/reboot?

TL;DR: I don’t dislike this new Ghostbusters movie because they’re all women, that is a rather retarded statement to make on my behalf and the fandom. When it comes down to it, this has nothing to do with misogyny or sexism, but rather a shameless politically driven cash grab. That is basically one big fuck you to the franchise and it’s loyal fans.


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  1. On one hand, I think you are overreacting, but as an old school G1 Transformers fan (ie. the original cartoons from the 80s) who sees Michael Bay Transformers movies as complete heresy and would not watch even if paid to, I kinda get it, even if it’s for completely different reasons. You do you, man, you do you.

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