“Marvel no longer makes comics, they make publicity stunts”


“Comic book fans have noticed something with Marvel over the last couple years, and it looks like it’s actually starting to hurt sales of the monthly comics. I’m not talking about how Marvel will do yearly #1 relaunches of nearly every book to pander to “investment collectors” who only buy #1s. That’s a big problem. No, I’m talking about how Marvel is now more concerned with being talked about on The View or some other stupid program where the audience doesn’t even know what a comic is.” Source

So some of the main stream media has finally caught on the what I have been saying for years. People read comic books to escape the real world, and comic book readers like myself have had enough of being called privileged cis white men, or misogynist in the real world. Let alone the one place we go to escape it. If you want to put these things in your comic books, go ahead, but readers are going to start revolting and just going to stop buying their comics. And by the looks of things the media are now also catching onto this…

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