Tony Stark passes on the mantle of Iron Man

It’s so condescending towards the fans and minorities who enjoy comic books to take an existing characters race/sex and change it magically to something else. Just create new minority superheroes of your own. There is plenty of untapped potential out there. Giving minorities white superheroes is basically saying, “You can have this I guess. “It is nothing more than a lazy display to keep people happy for a short period of time and avoids the core issues. Now don’t get me wrong having a black female character isn’t bad. Just as having a female Asgardian hero isn’t bad. Or a Muslim girl. Etc. The issues with all of these examples is in execution, rather than create exciting new characters, Marvel is lazy and rather than creating something new, is just throwing minorities into the identities of existing characters. And when comic book fans like myself complain or take up issue with such lazy writing we get called out as racists.


I am not hating on the characters rather the writers. I don’t mind if a new character is smarter than the old ones. All I care about is if they are written well and given time to establish themselves as a character and not just be Mary Sues, this new character, Riri, is 15 and smarter than Tony Stark. That isn’t to say I dislike the idea of this girl being better and smarter than Tony Stark, it just shouldn’t be evident right away, there needs to be obstacles to overcome, it makes the journey so much more rewarding for the character and for the reader. An old dying medium’s desperate attempt to remain relevant. It’s not like they haven’t done this before, sometimes it even manages to revitalize the industry despite being ham-fisted political or “edgy.” Nobody but the very bottom of the barrel trolls will complain. But that is probably the point, they want complaints, it’s the only way anyone talks about Marvel comics anymore it seems.

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