Kotaku goes after Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe

There are a lot of things I dislike about the shit stain that is Kotaku and the people who support them. But the way that people have been treating James Rolfe is despicable. I have no idea what the legal definition of “libel” is. But surely some of the things the media and Kotaku have been saying about him is surely borderline libel? His name and his channel have been dragged through the mud for simply speaking out and saying, “I don’t think this movie will be good for [these reasons], and so I’m not going to watch it.” His comments and opinions were level headed and well thought out, and not sexist or misogynistic. So fuck you Anthony McGlynn you cheap talentless hack of a writer, fuck you for writing such an oblivious hit piece. Anthony you tried to be clever and pass this off as an “overview” of James Rolfe career, but then it starts devolving into yet another “James Rolfe is sexist for not  wanting to watch the Ghostbusters movie” hit piece.

xmjivwdmsd5aizgbswjeI love how the brainless sheep commentators and Kotaku idiot supporters in the comments section act like James presented his opinion out of thin air, despite the fact that he’s known for being one of the biggest Ghostbusters fans out there. And that he was inundated with requests by fans to give his opinion of the trailer and review the film when it comes out. His video was an honest response to his fans request, because they respect his opinion as a Ghostbuster you fucken idiots. And by the looks of it the comments defending James have been deleted or buried and in its place is a bunch of nerd shaming: “This is what you nerds view as a hero what a great culture you’ve created” And obituary style comments about how people “Used to like him”. So in reaction to this article I decided to write an article in his defence and a big fuck you to Kotaku.

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