Gizmodo writer does not understand how daggers work

Honestly I do love myself a good debate, and generally speaking I avoid target the lowest hanging fruit when it comes the feminists, Social Justice Warriors and corrupt video game journalists of the internet. But ever so often I read something that is just too good to pass up on, and I need to write something about it. In this case one of the writers over at Gizmodo namely Jesus Diaz who wrote this sterling article on how he does not understand the possible uses for Jagdkommando’s “Tri-Dagger” (Pictured below).  Unashamedly I must admit I used to be a big fan of Gizmodo for years. It used to be an awesome tech blog, but it has now turned into a platform for hack unskilled writers pushing their own political agendas.

17ijw9uyh9bwxjpgIt’s pretty obvious that Jesus Diaz is writing from a position of fear, not logic. Because logic would clearly arrive at the conclusion is that the object is not problem. The problem is the misuse of objects by certain individuals to create harm and fear to themselves and others. The same logic can be applied to any weapon including guns. It is just a tool, there is nothing inherently evil about a tool, it is all how the tool is used. One could just as easily stab someone with a kitchen knife or smash their head in with a hammer as they could with this dagger or any other kitchen utensil or tool. Mr Diaz, you are too “smart” to not know that the “I don’t like it so it should be illegal” argument is completely bullshit.

[Editorial Note:] Yes I do realize the article is well over 4 years old, but for some reason Gawker/Gizmodo took it upon themselves to re-post it on their Facebook page again this morning. Most likely playing the be-outrageous-to-get-page-hits game again, since they are fresh out of other “controversies”to post about.

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