Another “win” for feminist Ghostbusters

The movie is not even released yet and the merchandise is already being discounted. But it is more subtle than just that. A few years back Lego spent well over $10 million funding some studies on how kids play with toys. These are unpublished, because they are proprietary research, and a license to print money for any toy company. Within 18 months of the study Lego vaulted from the number three toy company in the world to number one. The one thing Lego noted from this study is that boys and girls view characters differently, they project themselves into the toys they were playing with in different ways. For boys it is more how the toy or character interacts with others and the environment they are playing in. Hence toys with adversaries, and toys that can interact with its surroundings.

Feminist Ghostbusters

For girls it is the exact opposite they project themselves more into the character and thus the toy has a higher degree of interaction with them. Girls like the more “doll like” approach to their toys. They don’t like static fixed looking hunks of plastic. They like rooted or playable hair. Clothes and accessories that can be changed ect. With girls the interaction is between them and the toy. The Ghostbusters toys fail, more than anything else, because they are in essence girl targeted boy toys. Static plastic action figures that fulfill neither the role of either a boys or girls toy. Despite the best efforts of the social justice warrior’s and feminists, girls want girly dolls and boys don’t. The merchandise for this is going to flop because they are confused about their target demographic.

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2 Responses to Another “win” for feminist Ghostbusters

  1. Bob says:

    This post is a mess of horse shit govem the fact that girls love Lego Friends

    But what else can you expect from a Gamergate supporter?

    • larch says:

      Facts are facts, none of which you tried countering with your one. But considering your replies that would be asking way to much.

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