Marvel introduces Donald Trump inspired villain

I remember back in the day when comics actually knew how to have a message. When people like mutants in comic books could be considered an allegory to the civil rights movement, and were built on universal truths of human nature everyone could relate to. The message that Donald Trump is bad is no all that profound or interesting of a message. The writers at Marvel don’t explore any themes beyond writing caricatures of people they view as political opponents. And pretty much like a political cartoon that just can’t get to the point. You should explore some of the more universal themes behind politics to make your work more enduring and intelligent. I miss the days of 90’s art excess that didn’t pander to political or special interest groups. Now people can’t even enjoy comics without propaganda like this making it into it.

marvel-comics-trump-modaakThis just shows how pathetic some people are when it comes to accepting other people’s opinions or views. This is extremely unprofessional on Marvels part. Why alienate part of your readership who are here because of their love of comics? Do disagreements in politics have to divide us in everything else? Not cool. I miss the days when you had to go to political sources to get political views and topics, not comic book writers trying to push their own political agenda’s onto their viewers. Look, I am not a fan of Trump myself, but really?! This is exactly the kind of bullshit politicizing that honestly has no place in comics or any other entertainment media. Is this the type of thing that qualifies as entertainment these days? Or is Marvel writers just using comic books as their own personal goddamn soapbox? When did this become an acceptable practice in comic books? 

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3 Responses to Marvel introduces Donald Trump inspired villain

  1. Bob says:

    Muh feels, cries Gamergate supporting garbage person as they seek a dumb SJW to mock their feekls instead

    • larch says:

      Would have taken you more seriously if you knew how to use proper punctuation and grammar, when attacking someone.

  2. Marvel has just become political garbage and pandering rubbish. #givecaptainamericaaboyfriend? Are you kidding? Why? Just so he can have one, no reason for his character or story? Ugh. Bye.

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