Midnight’s Edge analyses Ghost Buster controversy

“Sony and Paul Feig’s Ghostbuster reboot will soon be released, and both the marketing and spin machine is kicking into high gear. In this video we will cover how Sony and the media outlets supportive of the movie have chosen to address the alleged misogynist attacks, how it became what some call “a political act” to see the movie, and how Sony is trying to market the movie to a male audience.”

Corporations shouldn’t need to “hit back” against their fan base. The quality of the product should do that for them. But it is too late the damage is already done. You can’t insult the male demographic and then try to make up for it. Have some fucking class why don’t you? And just let people enjoy the movie if it’s good. You don’t need to defend yourself in such a way, because it makes you come off as more of a desperate asshole.

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