“Nazi Captain America is the hero bigoted comic fans deserve”

You know I could not give two single fucks about your race, religion or your hobby, but the moment you use it to make justifications you become no better than any other racist or bigot pieces of shit I have come across in my life time. All I want from any comics I read or from any video games I play or from any movie I watch is a brilliant story line and writing backed with fantastic visuals. Whether it is the art style or the acting depending on the platform.

CaptainAmericaSteveRogersThe last thing I want is really badly written social just warriors wet dream fantasies being rammed down my throat because they deemed it necessary.  If geeks were all a bunch of entitled, misogynistic, racist white males, wouldn’t they be celebrating a Nazi Captain America instead of lambasting it? When you do that expect me to tell you to go and put a wooden baseball bat wrapped up in barbwire and stick it up your fucken ass. When comics got political, they usually call out societal problems.


Organized crime, the drug epidemic, even when they would tackle racism they would do it in a way that doesn’t directly belittle their reader base. Comics used to be a rallying cry for shit that is fucked up in this world. Now though the way they seem to be getting political is in trying to shame the reader base directly and make fun of them at their expense. “All of society’s problems are your fault, Check your privilege!” I have a question? How do people like this stay in business when they so often take a collective shit on their own fanbase?

no-you-move-will-we-see-the-iron-spider-in-captain-america-3-civil-war-jpeg-281444How sad. It’s the media not wanting to look at the deeper aspects of an issue because God forbid things have the slightest bit of nuance. And as it turns out, history has been rewritten by the Red Skull using a Cosmic Cube, so Captain America being a Hydra agent story and plot is kind of tasteless that the writers at Marvel keep laying on the gimmicks when it comes to Steve Rogers in the last few years. And it is pretty much official now. Marvel is no longer about selling books but creating a circus atmospheres around their publications.

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