IGN’s Jim Vejvoda criticizes Tarzan for being white

The fictional son of a late 1800’s early 1900’s British lord and lady is white? Written by an author from the same period? In a country that is 85% white and British, possibly far more back in the days? In a region of the world mostly populated by white people? I hope this movie does not make the social justice warriors too uncomfortable, and that they can get this is a 100 year old story and not one of their instruction manuals on how to behave in 2016. Real racism is an issue to me. The new Tarzan movie is not. Reviews like this devalue the real, awful, abhorrent racism that goes on every day in the world. Never mind that if they decided to change Tarzan’s character, of all things, to be black, I can only imagine the shrieking we would have gotten.


The new Tarzan movie did not need to have race issues thrust into it as the story already reflected significant cultural changes. But political correctness demanded ham handed racial themes be added to them. Funny thing about Tarzan is that he felt like the primitive tribesmen were nobler than the men of his native country. He felt that upon his return and reintegration that the English were fake and conniving, whereas the tribes were authentic and strong. Tarzan is a Victorian era British lord, it is completely necessary to his backstory and characterization that he be white. Jim Vejvoda you just had to make it about race didn’t you. Why not review the movie for what it is instead of bringing your views of political correctness into it.

It is just a fucken movie, based off a fantasy novel and not real life. And isn’t this entire review itself trafficking in white saviour complex by pointing out white saviour complex within the narrative structure of the film? You constantly bashed historical revisionism and the white saviour trope for most of the review, instead of actually fucken reviewing the movie. It’s like when a video game journalist complains about the portrayal of women in game for 80% of their review, but only talks about gameplay, graphics, technical things for 10% of that review. While I get that in films, themes are usually a bigger deal than in games, I still want to know about the acting, the dialogue, the cinematography. Not about your shitty fucked up social justice propaganda.

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