The Michael Jackson Rebuttal

This video by Youtuber Razorfist puts a whole new perspective on the Michael Jackson pedophilia accusations. Michael not only had no motive, no means and no time to do the acts claimed by the people involved and the media. But many of those who where claimed by third parties to have been molested showed up in person to state that no, it never happened. And that the 2005 trial was not only rightfully thrown out but the 1993 trail was just straight up extortion.

Against a man who one couldn’t even swear around people without it being massively discomforting to him. Razorfist spits red hot well articulated bullets at journos and it’s fucking glorious. If you enjoyed this video you will also enjoy his series on the Downfall of Gaming Journalism. This video really opened my eyes to the truth, and just to what lengths the media would go to to actually report on the lies being spread and report it as being their version of the truth.

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