Not everything can be blamed on the SJW

I was actually ready to rant about the social justice warriors bitching about a Cammy cosplay, but then I noticed something. “Queen Riot” was absolutely trying to give a rally cry to anybody who will throw her a sympathy bone. She seemed to have exaggerated the truth to her own benefit. The entire debacle has a lot more nuance than her comments lead me to believe. I also noticed that she has been extremely careful to cherry pick images that do not show the front of the costume in relation to the other pictures she has posted

Which is the reason I am guessing I am not finding any full frontal mages of her cosplay outfit at the CEO. Which leads me to believe her comments are pretty misleading. It wasn’t because it showed a lot of leg or even ass for that matter, and maybe just maybe she showed a bit more than just camel toe. If you consider what Cammy’s outfit looks like in the game, it could be what possibly happened. I think you really need to be aware of people like her trying to bend the truth like this.



This was not a convention by the look of things, but a fighting game tournament, in a hotel, where people are walking around with their families and children. This isn’t about social justice warriors or being triggered, though I would have loved to assign the blame to the social justice warriors. We need to look at it from a logical perspective, it all boils down to common decency. Keep in mind that the tournament is being held in a hotel, and many hotels have strict policies against wearing bathing suits or revealing clothing in the halls or lobby.

Cosplay outfits somehow do not exempt you from those rules. While convention centres may be a bit more relaxed in terms of how minimal cosplay outfits may be, there are guests at the hotel completely separate from the tournament who I am guessing were the ones who complained. It does not matter what you or I find suitable or not, the hotel owner is the first and last word on what they consider suitable for their establishment. And I am given to agree with them in this case, we need to be careful with assigning the blame when it comes to these types of incidents.

[Edit: 1] It does not matter what you or I have seen elsewhere and what you or I think is suitable in public places, the property owner has the first and last word on what they consider suitable for their establishment. And this establishment said it wasn’t.

[Edit: 2] I managed to track down a image and it definitely shows off more than just leg.


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