We have come full circle now…

We officially have come full circle. This entire discussion was had once already, back then it was the conservatives, religious types who attacked games. And gamer’s and the video game industry and video game journalists  defended it. And now the video games media and video game journalists are doing the exact same thing. They are even using the exact same rhetoric, the exact same excuses, the exact same made up arguments.

HackentoshUh, Jonny, maybe its because they don’t in any way, any more so than anything else? Or that fact that no reliable study has been able to prove it? In fact, many have proven the opposite being the case. I mean fuck it, this same exact argument has been used for books, films, music, comics and pretty much any other form of entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, video games don’t necessarily have any fucking impact on your behavior in real life unless you’re fucked in the head.


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