The argument against Link being a woman

Complaining that Link from the Zelda franchise is not female is retarded in every imaginable way. It’s colossally retarded. It’s the kind of retardedness that immediately warrants me shouting to the world what a fucking moron you are Ben Kuchera from Polygon. No Ben, you cannot just “bend the lore” in any story, be it in a video game or a movie. For fantasy to function properly, the lore of said world needs to be consistent within the rules of the world. If that rule is being broken, there needs to be a damned good reason for it, and pandering to people who won’t buy the game anyway is not a good enough excuse. 

2465630-link_wolf_the_legend_of_zelda_artwork_the_legend_of_zelda_twilight_princess_1920x1080_wallpaper_wallpaper_1920x1200_www.wallpaperhi.comBeing a long time Zelda fan, not having a female hero in a Zelda game does not offend me in the least because it’s a Zelda game and Link has always been the protagonist. Criticizing a developer for not wanting to change Link’s sex is just ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is the notion that not having a female protagonist means that a video is is not welcoming for women to play. Does that mean men aren’t allowed to play games like Tomb Raider or Bayonetta? Not every game is going to let you play as a character of your own gender, get the fuck over it already. But holy fucken shit, the hero himself is male. Forget that he was established and his appearance locked in decades ago.

Legend of Zelda has a pre-planned story, abruptly changing the gender of a Hero of Time only to pander to a few internet crybullies is not going to happen and here is why in one single sentence: The very core of the lore will not allow for it. Simple as that. Nintendo has consistently used words like resurrection and rebirth rather than reincarnation for Link and Zelda. The fact that the only time they used reincarnation was for the goddess when she became human in the form of Zelda. It clearly shows how careful Nintendo has planned their stories around this lore.  They would have to throw away Skyward Sword, The Minish Cap, and all the other games in order to make a new one with a female link.

2465630-link_wolf_the_legend_of_zelda_artwork_the_legend_of_zelda_twilight_princess_1920x1080_wallpaper_wallpaper_1920x1200_www.wallpaperhi.com1Speaking of Zelda, anyone who reduces her role in the most recent games as just being someone who needs saving all the time, as many on the internet like to do, hasn’t been paying much attention. It’s probably only Twilight Princess that you could say she needs saving in, and even then she sacrifices herself for Midna. In the rest of the modem games she’s off doing something else and doesn’t actually spend the entire game locked away somewhere waiting to be saved. All I care about is the game good. You know as a society we are pretty much fucked when we treat our video games like politics and our politics like games. When will these kinds of non-issues stop being a thing?

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One Response to The argument against Link being a woman

  1. vidchord says:

    well when they accept that he won’t be made a woman, they’ll just start saying he needs to be a gay character, since that seems to be a popular complaint about like every game made nowadays.
    People no longer play games for the fun of it, and don’t even try to take anything good away from them. Most gamers look for things to nitpick, and dwell on it to ruin the whole game for them. This is especially true in big franchises like Zelda, where there is a ton of other games to compare to, so that they never see the product for what it is, but instead what the others were like, and how the new one does not live up to aspects of old games or their own expectations, giving the player nothing but a “what it could have been” mentality, leaving a bad taste in their mouth while they play through the game.

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