Video game journalists: Orlando massacre is not your soap box

Justin McElroy one of the video game journalists at Polygon posted the Tweet below in response to what was happening in Orlando when the news broke. He in the meantime has deleted it, but you can see he’s still receiving the warm, coddling embrace of fucking morons on his Twitter page. “No no, Justin. You have nothing to apologize for. You’re just asking the really important questions and it’s such a shame you’re getting this completely unwarranted backlash. Please keep up the brave work!” The mainstream media and video game journalism has become a cesspool of opportunists that add nothing to the industry as a whole.



They are spineless cowards that will use every horrifying event to paint their targets and forward a cancerous agenda to attack and degrade its consumers and supporters. And kind of what makes these types of comments so unnerving for me, especially given the fact that the Orlando night club shooting had a very direct, very specific cause, and a very specific target. And if you take this type of event and twist it around to suite your own political/moral agenda, then you have no fucking decency or shame at all. Fuck the context. You have to be a real piece of shit to gloss over the higher ranking motivations for vile acts like these.


BobA religious fundamentalism and aggressive homophobe cause those deaths, not guns or video games. So you can soapbox all you want about video games and pretend you are the only sober person in this discussion.  This is what happens when your dogmatic ideological beliefs ultimately start influencing your opinion and though processes. What these video game journalists and mainstream media are essentially doing is bashing their readers and making them out to be potential terrorists because of video games. Trying to stay level headed during these types’ discussions is tough. I feel the need to say this: Fuck these supposed video game journalists and media, fuck them for twisting the truth in an attempt to push their own political agenda.


Brianna Wu the bodies aren’t even cold yet and you have already jumped on your soapbox to preach your twisted propaganda and political ideology. You are ignoring the facts and making it about you, what you can do to be relevant. It’s not supposed to be about you. These people were humans fucken beings living breathing people with family/friends who loved and cared for them. What they aren’t are your and the media’s political pawns to be played with so you can score a few internet brownie points. To even contemplate to use these people’s deaths sickens me to the core, and that makes you no better than the shooter who was pulling the trigger. Justin McElroy, Mattie Brice, Bob Chipman, Brianna Wu, Jonathan Blow and the rest of the media: You are a bunch of spineless fucken parasites.

[Editorial Note] I am well aware that some of the tweets I posted aren’t from video game journalists or the media. But these are prominent figures in the industry that should have fucken known better to use such tragic events as their personal soap box to shout from. And the same logic and reasoning should be applied to them as well as the media and the politicians.

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