Gawker files for bankruptcy nothing of value lost

Gawker is legally and financially in the toilet now it seems. Finally, the rest of the company is joining their ethical standards in journalism. Also in before people on the internet start howling at me defending them screaming “freedom of speech”. Publishing private sex tapes and outing gay people has zero to do with freedom of speech. Gawker Media going under isn’t an “assault on free press” as some publications make it out to be. But it is in fact proof that the disregard for ethical standards will kill your company. The media defending Gawker and making excuses for these clowns has forgotten that Gawker would gladly trash your livelihood and economic future without a second thought if you made a blog post or tweet or something they found objectionable.

3f3You need not look further than:  Justine Sacco, Razib Khan and Peter Thiel as evidence of this. There also has been an awful lot of pearl clutching and hand-wringing over billionaires funding lawsuits against news media groups and not nearly enough over billionaires like Nick Denton who own them. I could rant for hours about the hypocrisy of Gawker and their horrific treatment of others. Ziff Davis has reportedly made an offer to buy the entire operation for less than $140 million. So you might wonder who Ziff Davis is. Well he is the owner of  IGN, GameSpy, UGO, 1UP, TeamXbox, and the current owners of GameTrailers video archive.

n5C0wNAnd Ziff Davis, which does have a long and broad history of more traditional publishing standards, would likely take a weed whacker to the various problematic publications. Ziff Davis is not known for encouraging behaviors and writers prone to bring about litigation. Having said that Gawker is still on the hook for 100 million. Bankruptcy does not protect you from damages awarded via civil lawsuits especially since this is a chapter 11 is involved. The bankruptcy court will order them to pay Hogan first before anything else. And to the internet crybabies lamenting how cold and heartless some of us are for not caring about the livelihoods of these low life hack writers who have spent the last 2 years defaming gamers like myself, I say this: They had it fucken coming.

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