Ghostbusters cast: People who dislike it are tired old losers

I must say I am pretty astounded at these people, and how much they want us to hate their movie. The more they blindly defend the awful reboot with accusations of sexism, the more people like myself dislike it. And certainly those who are on the fence about this movie will not go watch it when being called out as being tired old “losers” that live with their mother and are 45 years old. People like myself would have simply ignored the movie. Instead there is this cult like defense of it that makes me actively despise and hate it. And when you are at a point where you are calling your primary target audience sexist hateful bigots living in mom’s basement.

Then don’t expect anyone to go see your shitty movie. Attacking your audience and the people you would want to draw to the theatres has never backfired before, nope, never! I can’t tell if the Sony PR people are just stupid or plain retarded that they actually believe that this will work, especially considering the general populist revolts going on over this on the internet right now. I will give Sony credit though, they came up with this narrative and they’re sticking to it despite push back. For the cost of a few tweets a massive corporation like Sony has enlisted a social justice warrior army to basically do their dirty work and defend this mediocre movie reboot for them.


Would you look at those dislikes, it is like they never learn…

I think at this point they’re doubling and tripling down in an attempt to get people to go see it because of the “controversy”. It is pretty obvious enough by now that this movie is going to be absolutely fucken terrible, and at this rate that they are hoping to create a big enough media story that they can drive ticket sales with that instead of the movie itself. My feeling? This is going to be one hilariously huge bomb at the box office. And when it happens they are going to take the “we’re going to blame anyone but us” stance and start pointing finger left and right instead of pointing the finger at themselves.

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