Arrow Season 4 Finale: You failed this fan [Spoiler Warning]

Warning massive spoiler warnings for Arrow season 4 and season finale.

I really liked the first two seasons of Arrow. Then the third season came around and it was a massive step back for me. I just managed to sit through season 4, not to mention the terrible finale that had more plot holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Considering what went down in the Flash finale, I had similar hopes for the Arrow finale. The problem with this show is, instead of sticking with the formula that worked in the first two seasons. They literally copied what happened during the end of season 2, changed the villains and changed the story and re-used it for the ending of season 4. The only parts I enjoyed in season 4 was the interaction between Thea & Laurel before her death, the episode were Roy returned and when John Diggle had to kill his own brother. But every time an episode was really getting good, something would happen in the last 5 minutes of the show that screwed up the entire episode.

6iyec2The most annoying thing about the entire season finale? Green Arrow kills Damien Darhk because he killed Laurel Lance. Yet he previously let other villains including Deathstroke and Malcolm Merlyn live. Who have killed his mother and sister and done far worse things than Damien Darhk ever did during season 4. A close second would be Malcolm Merlyn. A character who never truly redeems himself, schemes against everyone else and will sell anyone out to protect his own skin, but who, for some reason, ends up hanging out with the heroes anyway and gets away with everything he did. The show writers has some juvenile beliefs when it comes to the power of awkwardly put together, unconvincing words being able to suddenly inspire everyone around our heroes. It is time to shoot that cripple plot device and put it to rest. Arrow has gone stupid in so many ways now and I don’t know if I will return for season 5….

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