Notch: The destroyer of cunts

To give some context before I begin this article, Notch the creator of the wildly popular Minecraft recently came under fire from media outlets and Twitter for whatever blight the social justice warriors were fighting that week. They claim Notch is feeling oppressed and “masculinity so fragile”, he laughs, goes and takes a shit on his solid gold toilet, than drinks a $5,000 bottle of brandy while playing Quake Live. And of course Notch being Notch gave them the responses they were baiting him for, which included calling a feminist a cunt after she called him a dick. And of course the gaming media latched onto that like a bunch of vultures circling a rotten carcass. And the irony here is like something straight out of a comedy show. Notch explained why the term “mansplaining” is used by women to dismiss a person’s views based on their gender.

NbgWTYGOf course Twitter and video game journalists the special snow flakes they are responds by using that term to dismiss the man’s views based on his gender. Someone calls him a dick, no outcry of sexism. He responds with cunt, suddenly it’s a problem. These people want equal rights for everyone were suddenly up in arms, well guess what that equal rights also extends to fights. So if you are going to start throwing punches in a internet fight irrespective if you are male or female, expect them to throw punches back at you. Notch is 100% in the right, and if the recent James Rofle “controversy” was anything to go by the majority will always side with you when you’re right, even if the media tries to spin you as the bad guy.

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  2. Cirsova says:

    What an awesome dude Notch is. Now there’s a man who knows that light is the best way to keep out the creepers.

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