So am I the only one thinking that the ‪#‎GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend hashtag currently trending on Twitter is retarded? So I am going to echo what the minority on Twitter has been saying that this is ridiculous. I hate when people and especially the media force a non-issue like this. Let it be what it is and promote the characters that already are, if you want a homosexual character then pressure writers and artist to create a valid, well written character.  Instead of trying to hijack a traditional straight character that has an extremely well documented heterosexual love affair with first Peggy Carter and now her niece, it is cheap and comes off even more insulting to the LGBT community.

tumblr_o74j86klmi1v13ap9o1_500It’s not real representation if you just flip a character sexuality. Create legitimate LGBT characters in the Marvel universe if you want representation real representation and not something tacked on to satisfy the child like screaming on social media. Wonder Woman has for what seems like forever been a staple symbol for strong independent women. Black Panther and Luke Cage have been examples of heroism for many black men over the years and have in recent years gained more popularity and respect rather than just “that black character.” And the same goes for Captain America.

tumblr_nw4wriFkXa1t5zkgdo1_500I am far more willing to accept that two heterosexual men who have grown up together and gone through what Steve and Bucky have can just be exceptionally close friends. Not everything in this world needs to boil down to sex or your sexuality. I love the fact that their friendship is just that, an incredibly strong respect for each other where either would die for one another. Please Marvel for the love of God, don’t reduce this wonderful aspect of these two character to something that panders to those who just want to see their cause promoted.

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  1. Archon's Den says:

    Fortunately, I wasn’t aware of this one. It’s as forcibly dumb as that ‘Give (the little animated ice-princess) a girlfriend’, media drive. :? 8O

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