Assassin’s Creed movie fans are in for disappointment

In the Assassin’s Creed games, roughly 90% of the game is set in the past which is the huge attraction and draw for gamer’s who enjoy the franchise. Not to mention each game takes place in a different historical setting, with the vast majority of gameplay and story taking place there. And the general consensus among gamers is that the parts set in the modern era are the weakest links in the story and the franchise. According to IGN, the sequences in 15th century Spain only account for about 35% of the movie with the remaining 65% of it being set in present day.

maxresdefault_r9rjAnd that is rather worrying as the movie makers are going the complete opposite of the games. Adapted what people hate most about the franchise as a basis for the movie. Fans will go and see the movie based on the title and watching the trailers, and then get really pissed off when the whole thing is set in the modern era. And this is not even mentioning all the other issues I have after watching the trailer. But apparently the filmmakers of the movie didn’t get that specific memo as they are about to completely screw up the movie with the direction choice.

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