When Polygon tries their hand at video game journalism

It is pretty well known that Polygon’s staff members aren’t known for their sterling video game journalism. But after watching their gameplay video of Doom, they are even more incompetent than I imagined. This is like watching my 8 year old cousin try to play a first person shooter. Except in this case it is grown adult, probably somewhere in their thirties who’s been playing video games for at the very least longer than my six year old cousin has been alive. Having said that, I don’t believe for a second that they didn’t have at least one semi competent FPS player on their payroll, they just don’t give a shit. The part that annoys me the most is that this person got paid to do this.

And the editors at Polygon thought it was good enough to publish on their official Youtube channel. And the irony behind all this is that they call themselves video game journalists. I can guarantee you I could cut off a bunch of my fingers and still play better than this guy, and that pretty much goes for any decent gamer out there. I watched Totalbiscuit streaming some of Doom’s campaign. Also playing the very same areas as Polygon, and the game looks much better when played by someone that can move and shoot. But expecting them to be able to play an FPS with any degree of competency? That’s a tall order for Polygon it seems…

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