About that Assassins Creed movie trailer

I wasn’t really impress with the trailer that was released for the Assassins Creed movie. It had plenty of “Look! It’s the cool stuff from the video game and we put everything in the trailer!” moments. But nothing of real substance like a glimpse into the story, the godawful music by Kayne West certainly did not help the trailer either. My ears were bleeding at the end of the trailer. And like most other movies based off video games, I fear it will rely heavily on the games popularity.

And appeal to that audience more than being able to stand on its own as just a movie. Also not sure how well the massive story of the franchise will translate to movie. A story like Assassins Creed deserves a TV series, imagine all the events that took place with Altair and Ezio, or even if they just picked one and fleshed is out would it fit into a single movie? This movie might end up being extremely empty and shallow, personally I don’t have high hopes for this movie considering how huge and complex the game’s story was.

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