Why are we still discussing this?!

Sorry Jonathan Mcintosh, the US military used video games to teach snap decision making skills to overcome fight or flight instincts back in the early 90’s and with the advancement of games like Arma now uses them to teach unit tactics and cohesion. Comparing modern professional soldiers who signed up for combat ,with people who were drafted into a war they didn’t want any part of and having no choice regarding their drafting is retarded.

eb1dphIn their heads they desperately want to make video games to be this ultra immersive, desensitizing tool to make anyone into a hardened killer. Which is the biggest straw-man argument if there ever was one, multiple studies have proven that video games do not cause violence and that there is no correlation between the two. These types of people and arguments need to fuck right off, as they bring nothing to the discussion. 

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