Video Game designer Daniel Vávra is called racist

If there’s something which makes me incensed about today’s social media, is how quickly some social justice warrior fucknuckle’s start pulling the trigger when they get called out and corrected for their retarded comments on social media. “You roasted our utterly clueless and useless comments, so we will start shit between you and your employer to show you.” What a bunch of hypocrites. Hypocritical because they are quick to bemoan it if it happens to someone they so happen to support. This is exactly what developers need to do, stick to their guns. The sooner people understand that the social justice warriors are a very loud fringe minority and you will never be able to tap that market by attempting to appease and pander to them.

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Marvel learned this lesson about a year ago regarding the same issues. They took online social justice warrior criticism seriously so they released a bunch of comics that would pander to the same demographic who was complaining. What they did not realize is the people bitching online aren’t the same people who actually go to the comic shops every week to go buy their comics. Erik Larsen from Image Comics tried to warn them about this, but their PR/Marketing departments were apparently too engrossed in trying to pander to these people to listen to the warnings. And look how well those titles are selling now. These people do not like games or have any real interest in them. The only thing that demographic cares about is cultural criticism.

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    I kind of commend the guy for standing up and defending himself, when some zealot thinks that someone is racist simply there is a lack of other real world races in the game. Yet there are TONS of mythological human races in The Witcher 3. Not to mention, there are clear messages of racial oppression, bigotry and genocide throughout the game’s story. Also, if you know your history, Arabic, Asian and African people did not migrate around the relative time that the game is portrayed. Yet this is still fiction and the creators of the game, can do what the hell they want.

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