IGN: Disliked the Ghostbusters trailer? Then you must be a Nazi

Congratulations are in order IGN. You managed to make a video that deserves just as many dislikes as the Ghostbusters trailer, your achievement will be recorded for all of human history. I know I am just one man, who will make little difference to your financial success, however, I will never support anything IGN does again ever again. Be it early review access, watching reviews, or reading a single article from your shitty company. I have ignored your desire to introduce political agenda’s into this industry by reporting on such issues in a one sided manner. But this issue here is simply the straw that breaks the camels back for me.

Their whole argument about other videos not having the same dislikes, it is because all the videos they compared to it were something completely different than a sequel to a movie franchise that was a cult classic. The number of straw men in this video is horrendous. I love how they can’t fathom that maybe the reason it’s disliked so much is that any criticism of the movie gets you branded a misogynist or a German Nazi. Your responsibility IGN is not to make accusations or create drama through the embellishment of ridiculous self created scenarios but is to review material and present yourself in a professional manner befitting those who report on the video game industry.

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