Ntokozo Qwabe an unpleasant vile human being

Just for the record not all South Africans are such vile racist pieces of gutter trash like you Ntokozo Qwabe. You are a coward of the worst sort. Reducing a waitron, and a woman at that, to tears. You are a shit stain that in no way represents the way us South African’s act and think, and to any none South Africans who are reading this. This retarded moron’s opinion and actions in no way represents us as South Africans. For those readers who aren’t from South Africa, most if not all of us are pretty chilled well-spoken people who frown on racism in any form. Irrespective of the colour of our skins, or racial origins.

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Ntokozo, you might have deleted the post on Facebook but the internet never forgets.

No matter the colour of our skin every South African is exactly that South African. Any wrongs of the past must be accepted as the past South Africans of today cannot be held in some way responsible for the sins of their ancestors, live today not in the hatred of the past. If you are too busy living in the past you won’t notice everything that is going wrong in the now. He is a racists and a parasite enjoying the privilege of a Rhodes scholarship while demeaning it. How does he deserve the scholarship when he does not recognize or appreciate the privilege that comes with that?

There are plenty of students who are far more deserving of a scholarship, than a ungrateful racist like yourself. They say that watching how someone treats people in the service/retail industry can actually be a good indicator of what type of person somebody is in real life. Obviously there are exceptions like having a terrible day or receiving horrible service, but aside from things like that it can be a fairly accurate barometer for someone’s overall kindness, courtesy (or lack thereof) and ego. This guy is a racist prick. A bitter asshole who obviously can’t see past skin color. I really hope he gets what’s coming to him.

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