The Wil Wheaton Star Wars rant

There really used to be a time not long ago that I admired Wil Wheaton and everything he has done for Geek culture, but since joining the crazy cult that is the social justice warriors he seems to have lost the plot entirely. To be honest I think he is simply pandering to the current social justice movement that has infected social media and the entertainment industry. He has been desperately trying to stay relevant for some time now, ever since his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek, and people like myself who used to be fans of him are starting to notice this. I had to stop the video the moment a man said mansplain. The word used to silence a man when he starts sounding reasonable. Also am I the only one who thinks combining two words is something that is best left to children?

tumblr_m6m3t5m8Kh1qb645mo1_1280I simply don’t have time for stupid shit like that. I love how Wesley goes in the video from “men are retarded because they can’t identify with females” to “women need female characters to identify with”. Both statements are incorrect but when you put them together its mind blowingly retarded. I love how he simultaneously argues men are sexist monsters for wanting representation, and women are awesome for wanting the same representation. It is just a cheap argument that people like Will Wheaton use to try and justify why diversity is necessary in movies and other form of media. It just shows you how shallow these people are, that they need the person to be the same sex as them or the same color in order to identify with them.

They can’t understand or relate to anyone who isn’t like them.  In general I don’t feel a need to identify with a character. Now, if a character voices my thoughts that is a plus. There were tons of time playing Uncharted that Drake would say what I was thinking which I enjoyed and made me enjoy his character more. If I make a character in a game, there are basically two thoughts I have. If I make it male, that character is someone I am trying to identify with to an extent. I usually try to make such characters look a bit like me. If I make my character female, often I make a female make them something I find attractive. Otherwise, I don’t care to identify with a character in entertainment. I may wish to root for or empathize with them, but that doesn’t require that they be anything like me.

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