Why Comic Alliance why?

I’d be very interested in another article by Andrew Wheeler at Comic Alliance explaining their rationale for using such a condescending tone with a subject matter that many of comic readers are sincerely concerned about. Does writing which boils down to an insulting hit piece like this really drive a point home even further than normally would be possible? Would it really have taken more time, effort or a longer article to get the point across had the writer decided to share their opinion more like a journalist and less like a prepubescent 15-year-old on Facebook. What Frank Cho draws in his free time is his own damn business, simple as that you don’t like it then simply do not read it and vote with your wallet.

cho-butts-variousAndrew your entire article picked a handful of art pieces over the last couple years rather than pulling his published work over the span of his entire career as a comic book artist. The irony of this article is that in your rabid zeal for wanting to shame Frank Cho and his art, you unwittingly brought attention to something that people might not be aware of. Giving Frank Cho free advertising of his art work and even showcasing several of the images you deem so extremely deplorable. There are other options for comic book readers who want women represented other ways. It is okay to be against something if it’s the only option, not because it simply exists and you dislike it because it does not conform to your shitty taste in art.

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