Another week another white wash nontroversy

Marvel’s reason for casting Tilda Swinton as the ancient one in Doctor Strange is neither racist nor white washing, they are purely financial. Marvel doesn’t want to piss off the Chinese market by leaving the Ancient One Tibetan, because next to the American market the Chinese market is the biggest in the world. And making him any other Asian race has the potential for being perceived as worse racism, so they did what they always do, and defaulted to white. Is the outrage culture and people surrounding it really so uneducated as to not understand the politics (and large financial implications) involved, or do they wilfully ignore it for some other reason? That is sort of a massive elephant in the room and probably the most relevant part about this casting.

So I find it curious that the media does not mention this at all. Not even in passing. And to be honest some “fans” are strange, they think casting a woman as the ancient one is a betrayal of the character, but are perfectly fine with casting a black actor to play Baron Mordo, whom in the comics is a Transylvanian noble. Remember people, the MCU is not 616, and as anyone who is familiar with the comics know, each different universe in the marvel multiverse is quite different from the others, so I humbly suggest you grow up and enjoy the movies with the rest of us. I feel that both Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor are great actors who will do the characters justice, and if you disagree with the casting choices of the movie: Just don’t go watch it.

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  2. larch says:

    You do see the irony in your statements right? The whole idea behind white washing is casting a character that is not the right skin color or ethnicity. So by saying they can cast a Vietnamese, Cambodian or Indian instead is doing the exact same thing right? And by doing so taking away acting roles from possible Tibetan actors. But I am guessing that does not count because only white people can white wash, kind of like the same mentality of black people cannot be racist. Not to mention you will never ever be able to keep everyone happy. No matter who they cast somewhere someone would have taken issue with it.

  3. xmenxpert says:

    It’s whitewashing. Their reasons do not magically make it no longer whitewashing. I also think that having the Ancient One belong to a different Asian background wouldn’t have gotten much controversy – Hollywood’s never shown any ability at telling different Asian people apart anyway.

    Also, “defaulted to white.” This is part of the problem. That white is seen as the default is a problem.

    • larch says:

      Yes and your clear lack of social and political understanding when it comes to the politics involved between Tibet and China is severely lacking. Not to mention the fact they would be shunning the second biggest movie going market by casting the ancient one as being Tibetan. Marvel was in a no win situation and they handled it perfectly.

      • xmenxpert says:

        I certainly understand why they didn’t cast a Tibetan. But they could have changed the Ancient One to be Chinese. Or Vietnamese. Or Cambodian. Or Indian. They had options beyond, “Eh, just cast a white person.” They actually handled it in a terrible way, because they chose the one option that is whitewashing.

        They also handled it in a really stupid way by not getting out ahead of the criticism. As soon as Tilda Swinton was announced as the Ancient One, they should have been explaining the reasons for it, while also acknowledging the entirely valid anger of people who think whitewashing is a load of crap.

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